Your Voice

Your  Voice is an SSA initiative that was set up in March 2016, with the sole purpose of creating a platform for students to develop their own individuality by facilitating thought provoking sessions on current affairs.

Inspired by eclectic outlets of public speaking such as TEDx Talks, Toastmasters International Organization and the likes, we have adopted the following pillars of virtue as our standards:

Equality : Each member exercises and deserves the right to be treated equally without discrimination of any sort. Only one caste prevails, the thinking caste
Mutual respect: Every statement or opinion is expressed with mindful respect to the society and surroundings
Individuality: Each member exercises the right to express their unique and individualistic opinions
Creativity: The thought provoking environment is to prove conducive to creative thinking, allowing for not just vertical but also lateral thinking
Free Speech: Last but not the least, every member has the right to think and express their views without the fear of being judged or penalized

Employing the basic yet pivotal skills of communication such as speaking, listening and thinking, our vision is to nurture a society of young professionals with strong communication, public speaking and leadership skills. Members of this society voice their opinions on topics that are diverse yet relevant to their generation such as ‘Involvement of youth in politics‘, ‘Changes in the education system‘, ‘Terrorism‘, ‘Gender equality‘ and so on.

SSA’s Your Voice sessions take place on a weekly basis in a highly energized setting with a group of eager individuals persistent on establishing their uniqueness, simply by thinking aloud.