In today’s competitive world, basic skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing have become a mandate to secure successful relationships on both personal and professional fronts. We ensure our training is centered on these four facets of communication to help mould our students into wholesome individuals. The following are our training modules:


  • Paraphrasing
  • A brief analysis of grammar and vocabulary
  • Analysis of pronunciation
  • Interpretation of accent and voice tone
  • Audio exercises

Speaking skills

  • Group discussion etiquette and practice
  • Delivering presentations
  • Extempore activities
  • Mock interviews

Reading Fundamentals

  • Adopting reading strategies
  • Identifying the key words and the major theme
  • Avoiding traps/misguiding words (in RC)
  • Paraphrasing and summarizing
  • Grammar analysis

Writing Tasks

  • Basic sentence structure and analysis
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Email etiquette
  • Picture description
  • Different kinds of essays, Creative writing
  • Blog writing and Content writing

Along with the above communication skills, we incorporate the following placement training modules into our sessions to help students fetch their dream job.

Placement Aptitude – Strategic Pedagogy

  • Quantitative Aptitude – Practice, shortcuts, exercises
  • Verbal Reasoning – Grammar, practice, exercises
  • Logical Reasoning – Lateral thinking, practice, worksheets