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Leadership for the ‘20-something’ -ADITYA MAHESWARAN

Today, it’s not uncommon to find a 25-year-old CEO. What does it take to be a successful one?...

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Lack of English skills haunts Chennai graduates

Lack of communication skill is a major concern for most employers, especially IT companies, Regional director of NASSCOM K. Purushothaman says. - KAVITA KISHORE...

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A cure for English fear

Reading for pleasure can help make learning English easier, enjoyable and effective. -Dr. R. Joseph Ponniah...

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A question of skills

What do start-ups look for in interns? Courtesy: HelloIntern...

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Great students make great teachers

Will your students look back and remember you as the person who shaped their lives? - Vidhya Srinivasan...

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Focus on Soft skills

Focus on soft skills

Tips for undergraduate students to develop their employability skills - P.S.Sreejith...

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