Traditions That Still Remain Hidden

Traditions That Still Remain Hidden

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We are all aware of the fact that ancient people followed certain rituals and customs but we the present generation seem to have no idea regarding those. Here are few.

The main reason behind saying no to Non-Veg during the Tamil month Puratasi is actually based on a scientific reason.

During this month the planets will tend to shuffle from their actual position. By this time people will be facing many abnormalities and indigestion. As Meat is a heavy food that requires more time to breakdown, people are advised to intake light foods. In course of time this fact changed into a tradition among the Tamizhians as if we remain vegetarian during that month, the God Almighty will be more pleased and will shower wealth to that family.

Ancient people will have Tulsi plant in their houses. This is because tulsi plant has many medicinal values and it has the ability to freshen our mind and get rid of stress. But from our vision tulsi is placed mainly in Brahmin’sā€™ house as they are a big devotee of God.

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