The best reason to live life… Friendship or Love?

The best reason to live life… Friendship or Love?

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Here comes me to speak about friendship because the best way to survive a life is about having a good friend …Exactly there is a proverb “a friend in need is a friend in deedand  not everyone is a real friend you  get  attached to. There are some people in our hectic life that makes it more hectic. There should be love and caring in friendship not ego which make you feel disappointed and destroys you. Friend is the person who makes you feel the life in a different way. Usually the people who are around us they start to speak only about our friends characters, they judge you by your friends circle. Friendship is the most valuable thing, which a human cannot offend. The person who molds you is only a perfect friend.

Vishnu Priya M

3rd Year B.Tech Information Technology

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