Smart Phones Affects Our Behaviour

Smart Phones Affects Our Behaviour

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Nowadays smart phones have become the best company to many people. It connects people from one part of the world to the other and disconnects people who are around us. We don’t share our happiness and sorrows with our friends and family members but instead of it we just hang out with our smart phones.

The basic of human nature is to help people who are indeed since smart phones been introduced we just like and comment about unnecessary things in social media which are changing our behavior and we forget our duties.


By using smart phones we can know everything happening in this world but we forget who we are.

According to a 2011 survey by U.K. Communications regulator Ofcom, 51 percentages of adults and 65 percentages of teenagers said they have used their smartphone while socializing with others. This proves that people who are having face-to-face communication, they are constantly distracted by their phone.

People are just burring happiness and sorrows in the smart phones without sharing it with their friends and family.

People who are addicted to the smart phones are always found alone with their phones and it causes problem with the human relationship.

In addition people addicted to smart phones usually become attached to the strangers online and become indifferent to the real world.

All these reasons smart phone are ruining our life, by phones we lose lot of people who are around us in our life. Is there anything important more than people in our life?

Suganth P

3rd B.E. Civil Engineering





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