iPhone @ 1000-1$

iPhone @ 1000-1$

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Apple has launched its latest batch of smart phones: the iPhone XiPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone X comes with the most attractive “edge-to-edge” display. It’s a very modern design move, which has changed the look of the iPhone for the better and compact too. After iPhone 4 and 4s series, which was launched by Steve Jobs in 2010, iPhone X, 8 and 8plus was beyond the expectations, while it dint give this attractive and failed to fulfil in iPhone 6 and 8 series.

After all, Samsung has already unleashed three outstanding “all-screen” phones – the Galaxy S8, S8 Plus and Note 8 – but even then it was far from the first manufacturer to do so

This edge-to-edge OLED bezel less phone comes with good pixel density, anew Face ID feature released by the company which detects millions of tiny spots from our face and creates a 3d image of it,which is used to unlock the phone. And it also comes with other features like wireless charging, clichéd A11 chip, long battery life, and much more attractive features.  iOS 11 will come pre-installed on all the new phones and new features like an improved Siri. As like 7 series it comes with dual back camera with amazing camera clarity.

This phone is expected to be 25% faster in performance wise compared to its previous iPhone 7 series. And storage capacity will be 65 to 256 GB.

The face-scanning tech looks to be similar to the face recognition on the Note 8.Samsung is reportedly Apple’s only supplier of OLED displays. This seems comparatively Samsung is also swimming along with apple to give a good standard product, and remarkable name in market.

Apple iPhone costs 999$ instead of 1000$. And it is expected for sale in market from November end.

Apple iPhone costs 999$ instead of 1000$. i.e. 1000-1$. In which we can buy many essential things and this price will be can’t even imagined by a middleclass. As like its features its price is also beyond expectation.

The only way for getting this mobile is, by waiting for 3 more years and Apple will release its next 2 iPhone series, and by that the iphone X price will slash down.

Let’s see how many of our rich friends will buy this Crown, this Diwali.

Logesh D

3rd Year B.E. Mechanical Engineering -‘A’

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