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Hornbill (Bucerotidae) is an endangered bird species found in many parts of world. One of its species is found in the Western Ghats of India. These birds are hunted for their majestic beaks and feathers.

Their nesting habits are much different when compared to other birds. Hornbills don’t build a nest instead the male bird seals the female bird inside the tree and leaves a small opening to feed the female and the young ones. These birds are omnivorous they eat fruits, insects, and even small animals. The Indian sub-continent has 10 species of hornbills. Hornbills are considered to be the important seed dispersers. Hornbills are giants among the forest birds as they are bizarre, spectacular and inspiring. They also play essential roles in forest ecosystems yet, many hornbills are today threatened by habitat loss, hunting and loss of large trees that they need for feeding and nesting.  These birds are mainly found in dense forest habitats. Since these birds have threats from predators they are always found in small groups.


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