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The gypsy is widely known vehicle in India used for off-roading and rallying. The gypsy at the starting stages came with a 1000cc (MG410) engine carburetted to give a power of 50 to 60 bhp and the vehicle looked high raised from the ground. It is supported with a 4 speed gearbox along with 4 wheel drive. The wide track model of the Gypsy was introduced (MG410W). The updated version of the Gypsy i.e, MG413W was introduced which had a 1.3 litre engine with 1297cc at 60bhp with a 4 speed gearbox and was carburetted. Later its shape was altered in the front with a plastic grill and raised bonnet. This vehicle was manufactured till 2000 with the carburetted version of the vehicle.

From the year 2000 the MPFI multi point fuel injection system was developed for the same 1.3 liter engine giving an increase in power to 80bhp which improves the performance along with 5 speed gear box and 4 wheel drive transverse gear box. The vehicle is manufactured till date. The vehicle has an awesome pulling force in the uphill drive and swampy areas. This vehicle is unlikely to get stuck in any situation. This vehicle is comfortable on road and off-road as does not have any nose due to its petrol 5 speed gear along with the transverse gear box sinks easily with the drive.This vehicle was mainly used by the military for its light weight power and service of the vehicle. The maintenance of the vehicle is also easy. I use it for off-roading and forest drives which provide good comfort. Although without the power steering the vehicle is awesome to drive.

Adharsh R

2nd Year B.E – Mechanical Engineering

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