Disadvantages of Engineering College

Disadvantages of Engineering College

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Now a day the main aim of the students is to complete engineering and have a job at a company and salary of six digits. They are just seeing and asking about college in reference of friends and relatives and they didn’t know the disadvantage of the engineering college. It is like entering into angry lion’s cave.

Engineering is application and practical in specified field or department oriented, for which you need to learn all subjects practically, than just class room session. So, for this you need on-hand experience in tools/apparatus. So, you will miss this in a worst college. This will even affect while you are doing projects. For every single case, you have to purchase a technology/apparatus which will be out of your pocket level. Students must see all the facilities of the college before admission to escape from the fake truth of the college administration.

You need professors with deep knowledge in the subject to clear your doubts and understand the subject carefully. In engineering, it’s all about understanding the subject concepts than studying. Let’s say, you are a self-learner. So, where you will learn from? On-line. An Internet connection with a good bandwidth available to all the students (free or cheaper rates).  It also implies, the college should have wide collection of books in library and there must need a special section for library classes to improve extra knowledge.

It is also about staying up-to-date with the technology in your branch of study. For this, you need access to international magazines, College must provide these facilities and the important the students need to relax their brain in engineering colleges at the period of joining to relieving from college .The college must provide the basics steps to the students and also the try (college principal/administration) to involve us in the unwanted courses that we are not interested to do.

A college must also be in a position to fund project, research by students/professors. This is how one gets deeper understanding of the specific subject. The projects/paper/research you do is what speaks in your resume. Engineering is not books. It is based on practical knowledge in specified departments and students are not machine in engineering college.

Students try to study the aim what you think but don’t join unrated engineering college with compulsion of anyone or in case of financial situations.


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