Crazy ways to avoid pollution and save money

Crazy ways to avoid pollution and save money

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Have you ever thought of saving money that you spend daily and to contribute something to this world? Yes, here are the easiest ways to do the both.

  1. Do cycling with your friend and save the money you give to Gym. (Sometimes it would be more romantic with your loved ones)
  2. Make your own garden that make you enjoy your own company(you can let your children play there and enjoy in social media. Make organic garden and save the money you spend for vegetables)
  3. Don’t throw wastes like plastics and glass into soil. Tell your children to sell them and make their packet money.(You can save their packet money and give them surprises. Your children will love you for the surprises for damn sure)
  4. Don’t use loud speakers during festivals to play songs. Let your voice make noise with love to your friends and relatives. (Teach your children to chat with humans and burst crackers on mobile phones. However your money is saved from being bursting out)
  5. Recycle the oil you use for vehicles and domestic use that can stop polluting our water bodies. (This can also help you to save money that you spend for your automobiles

Manju Priya G

3rd Year B.E. Electronics and Communications Engineering


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