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Cell phone is an amazing invention which is used for several purposes. Now-a-days, Cell phone is considered to be one of the most useful inventions. The usage of Cell phone is increasing day by day because the Cell phones are becoming smarter and smarter. Many updates are giving the Cell phone a new birth.

The first Cell phone was invented by Motorola in the 20th century, which was only used for calling purposes. Later on it was developed for messaging purpose. The idea of making Cell phone got a great reach among people, so it was later carried on by many companies. Now, the 21st century generation is going crazy on smart phones. Smartphone is an amazing invention which is capable of performing many activities. Apart from calling and messaging, it consists of many useful components like superfast internet, high pixel rate camera, developed applications and software, Social medias, etc..,

Smartphone development gained more number of people’s attention in communication industry. So, many corporate companies went forward to make cell phones. The most safe and reliable company which is in the top of branded Cell phone making is Apple. Apple has their own software and applications, because they don’t trust applications from other sources. Apple phone is secured with its own OS called ios. The phone can be tracked if we lost the phone.

Few years back, the information sharing was too slow. The only source to share information was media. But now, Social Medias are the fastest means to share information. The information is shared within a few minutes .Cell phone has its foot on almost each and every aspect in society. Cell phones are considered to be the basic needs of every human.

As a coin has two sides, Cell phones has their another side which severely spoils our worthful things .Now a days, children are capable of working with Cell phones and spending their whole time with phone by playing games, using Facebook  Whatsapp ,etc.., Cell phone also has a severe rays which affects our eyes. Teenagers do deal with a same aspect. Parents buy Cell phones to students only for their usage, but most of the students not doing that and entering into attractive things which they don’t want in their life.

“The wiser we are, the more we live a standard life” is a saying. So we should be aware of the things and be wise to live a standard life.

Gowri Shankar B

1st year ‘B’ Section (B.E – Electronics and Communications Engineering)

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