Cars Move The Body, Bike Move The Soul.

Cars Move The Body, Bike Move The Soul.

04:20 19 September in KITE, Student Blogs – KITE

Riding bike is the best feeling. I don’t just do it for hobby.  Bike riding is my life.  I admire bikes not just for its look but also for its performance. When I ride my bike, I think that the whole world is behind me. Let me share my first experience on bike.

It was a fine sunny day and my birthday too when I saw my ‘beast’ (my bike) for the first time. My bike was one of the unforgettable presents from my parents.

When I sat on him (my bike) for the first time I was in cloud nine. I started and went for a ride. That first experience gave me a heavenly feeling. From that time our journey started together.

You might think that bike is just a machine though I’m addressing it as a human. To me it’s not just a bike, I treat him like my brother and that’s why I addressed as ‘him’.

“Bike riding is not a phase, it is a life.

It’s not a hobby, it’s a passion.

Beast, the bike is not for everyone, it is only for me.”

Keerthi Vasan Balan

3rd Year Civil Engineering

KGISL Institute of Technology

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