Are exams really important to check our knowledge?

Are exams really important to check our knowledge?

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Hopefully, we students learn a lot of things from our school and our colleges but do we really need exams to check our knowledge?? Only the exams or tests that we write speak about us.

Mark is not the most important thing in our life. It depends on how much we learn and get knowledge. It is not just memorizing the whole book, writing exams and scoring cent percent marks. It is how we understand the concepts of how things work or having a basic idea about everything. There are some students who just memorize the whole book and write as is it is and score good marks. But when you ask these students about the basic concepts they will not know. So the things we learn should be concept oriented and not for just exams. Exams are not to judge our intelligence. It’s just a paper of some words and essays.



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