Soft Skills Academy

KGiSL – Soft Skills Academy (SSA) was founded in 2013 to cater to the career and life skills development needs of KGiSL – Software division and KGiSl Institute of Technology. The success we achieved there made us spread our wings recently to our sister institutions such as KG College of Arts and Sciences and KGiSL Institute of Information Management. Under the vision and leadership of our Managing Director, Dr Ashok Bhakthavatsalam and the Secretary (educational institutions), Dr R Ravichandran, we have found the inspiration to tap our potential further beyond.


To enable the transformation of an individual to become competent in career as well as life skills. We believe in the organic development of skills rather than a crash course that is session based.


To mould the younger generation into balanced individuals by developing their career skills such as:

Communicative English

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning

Verbal Ability and Reasoning

and life skills such as :

Interpersonal Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Self Confidence

Soft Skills Core Competency

Goal-oriented training

Enthusiasm & creativity

Creative training methods

Flexible lesson plans to meet learner needs

Readiness to innovate

Individual attention

Flexibility and approachability towards learners