A WAR WITH 1300 gms…..

A WAR WITH 1300 gms…..

04:35 23 September in KITE, Student Blogs – KITE

Yeah! Humans are one of the most complicated living organisms in the earth.

He has undergone many evolutions in his life span both physically and mentally. The below picture shows it much clear than the words…


Nowadays even nuclear family have turned into a society for him were he loses all his time in developing technology and running behind the papers (money).

Due to the evolution he is losing all his inbuilt skills and even the leadership quality. Only a few shows their outstanding personalities to the society and rest all are dump, though everyone are created equally in this earth. Sometimes he even becomes unemotional and insensitive.

But he has started to impress the needed one in the most effective manner right from the history and even today. But the real freedom is when you stop impressing others rather than yourself. But 1300 gms is just bombarding with high frequency in all the times.   This should be controlled. Once you have the control of it definitely you will be out of the box for sure, but it’s more complex.


Have a control on yourself. Think twice in all aspects and move on in your cycle.

Try to evolve around this small planet and get the required and needed things which you deserve in this cycle on earth. Help the needy and don’t be greedy.

Though there are thousand languages in this earth, try to speak in polite language since it’s one of the most powerful language in this earth and even in the society. Spend your time with the ones who need you and not with the smart phones …and be a leader than a boss in your life… work smart than hard work…..and start to create yourself than finding yourself…..

Let us find the real meaning of our life….

Suvarans Raj K

3rd Year B.E Civil Engineering

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