5 Disadvantages of Global Drug – Mobile

5 Disadvantages of Global Drug – Mobile

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Damages Eyes

Use of mobile causes many damages. Mobile phones are the global drug.

The more you use mobile phone it causes damages to eyes. The display light of mobile phone is to danger.

Couldn’t Know About Our neighborhood

The more we use mobile we come to know about unknown friends, but we cannot know about our neighborhood. Even the neighborhood is looking like strangers to us.


Company-issued mobile phones can be valuable tools, but they can also be distractions. Modern smart phones allow users to listen to music, play games, watch video, and access popular on-line sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Now a days each and every phones are costly as 40,000-50,000. As much expensive as it is, mobiles get easily damaged. Sometimes these mobile even blast …



3rd Year B.E Electronics and Communications Engineering – ‘A’

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